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Otitis Media in Children

by admin on September 23, 2011

About Dr. Rande Lazar

Dr. Rande Lazar is an Otolaryngologist located in Memphis, TN and also the founder of Otolaryngology Consultants, an ear, nose, and throat practice based out of Memphis. Though his primary focus is children, he treats adult patients for ear, nose, and throat disorders as well. Dr. Rande Lazar has a wide array of experience in many areas of otolaryngology, including treatment for sinus infections, respiratory infections, tonsil infections, ear infections, throat infections, and sleep disorders. He is also experienced in pediatric hearing and larynx (voice box) problems, as well as many other problems affecting the head and neck. Dr. Lazar is also an experienced surgeon for both pediatric and adult sleep and sinus disorders.

Article Abstract:

Otitis Media:

  1. Inflammatory disease process of the middle ear mucosa
  2. Second most common cause of pediatric visits to physicians
  3. Costs approximately $3.5 Billion per year
  4. 85% of children have otitis media at least once

Read the full article as a PDF here: Otitis Media in Children

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