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Management of the Anomalous Pediatric Airway

by admin on June 8, 2011

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Memphis Otolaryngologist Dr. Rande Lazar has a primary focus in pediatric ear, nose and throat disorders, including ear infections, throat infections, tonsil infections, sinus infections and sleep disorders. Rande Lazar MD has special expertise in adult and pediatric sleep and snoring disorders and surgery, as well as adult and pediatric sinus disorders. Dr. Rande Lazar is experienced in a wide range of disorders of the ear, nose, throat, sinus, respiratory system and the other head and neck systems, as well as children’s disorders of the larynx (voicebox), and hearing problems.

Management of the Anomalous Pediatric Airway

The pediatric airway is such a small passage that a change of just one millimeter can decrease a child’s airway by 40%. Dr. Rande Lazar, a pediatric specialist in Memphis, Tennessee, has researched anomalous pediatric airways for much of his career.

It has been established that the single most common cause of such changes is a condition known as Stridor. Dr. Lazar has determined that Stridor, caused by a turbulent airflow through the airway, is a symptom, not a diagnosis of what is wrong in the throat.

For more information on Stridor and anomalous airways, read this whitepaper, hosted at the Memphis Ear, Nose, and Throat blog.

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