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Subglottic Stenosis Complicating Cardiac Surgery in Children

by admin on May 24, 2011

About Dr. Rande Lazar
Dr. Rande Lazar is a Memphis Otolaryngologist with a primary focus in pediatric ear, nose and throat disorders, including ear infections, throat infections, tonsil infections, sinus infections and sleep disorders. Dr. Rande Lazar has special expertise in adult and pediatric sleep and snoring disorders and surgery, as well as adult and pediatric sinus disorders. Dr. Rande Lazar is experienced in a wide range of disorders of the ear, nose, throat, sinus, respiratory system and the other head and neck systems, as well as children’s disorders of the larynx (voicebox), and hearing problems.

Article Abstract:

Children in whom cardiac surgery is performed frequently need mechanical ventilation in the immediate postoperative period. Although this life-supporting modality is critically important in determining the outcome of the procedure, it can lead to debilitating laryngotracheal injury. The most common cause of acquired laryngeal stenosis is endotracheal tube injury, which accounts for approximately 95% of all cases of laryngeal stenosis.

Read the full article as a PDF here: Subglottic Stenosis Complicating Cardiac Surgery in Children

Read more by and about Dr. Rande Lazar:

Children frequently need mechanical ventilation immediately following cardiac surgery. Though this step is critically important to determine how the surgery turns out, debilitating injury to the laryngotracheal system can result. Memphis otolaryngologist, Dr. Rande Lazar, uses his focus on pediatric ear, nose, and throat problems to discuss treatment of acquired laryngeal stenosis, a complication of pediatric cardiac surgery, resulting from these laryngotracheal injuries.

You can read more of the white paper here.

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Gary Bowyer May 31, 2011 at 8:50 am

Dr. Lazar,

Been reading your blogs, I’ve been on Cpac for sleep disorder probably eight years. Is there an alternative? I’ve been told that other procedures are less than 30% successful.

Thanks ,
Gary Bowyer

admin June 1, 2011 at 11:59 am

Dr. Lazar would be happy to talk to you about this. Please call Liz at: 901.821.4317, to schedule a time to talk.

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